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Last updated Sept, 2006

Every so often (not often enough) I am inspired (or kicked in the butt enough) to write something. These somethings have usually been essays, and remarkable enough, most of them have been published - usually in alternative free weekly papers in Philadelphia. Some generated letters to the editor, and I'll be including these eventually. Most had illustrations, and once I get a scanner, I'll include them as well.

Published Stuff:

Fancy Dancing

An essay about rediscovering a piece of my closeted past. My first published piece, and still one of my best. I was terrified about letters to the editor, but there were none! Hmmm...

The Joy of Being Smug About English Usage

My second published piece, first Welcomat piece. Silly ramblings, a lot of fun and it generated weeks of letters.

Computers Made Me Smarter - Insufferable Too!

Although I make my living in computer support, this is the only piece I've written about it. One letter. When the Welcomat published its 1,000th issue, they excerpted articles from various years and this was one of the two they picked from 1990!

Pride and Prejudice

My only gay piece aimed at the gay community (and published in a gay paper). About prejudice in the gay community. One letter.

What's So Funny?

This was my response to a homophobic comedian I saw at a comedy club. It was published in the Philadelphia Welcomat in September, 1992. It only generated one letter to the editor, but nicely enough, the letter was from a co-worker I barely knew and was extremely positive.

Don't Trip Over the Chevrolets

My silliest piece to date. KYW is the all-news radio station in Philadelphia. All news, all the time!

Unpublished Stuff:

Warning: Toast Point does not guarantee quality here.

Autumn Comfort with Whipped Cream

This ain't very good writing, but it's a nice story and it's true!

Our 9/11

The Wumpus and I were both in Manhattan on September 11, 2001. By the time I came out of the subway, both towers were on fire about a mile south of where I was. But the Wumpus was one of the unfortunates who saw pretty much everything. He is not a writer, but was moved to create this account of our experiences.

The Contests!

The Toast Point page likes to encourage one's self-expression. For four years I ran writing contests on this page. If you haven't already, please check out the archives for Limerick contest, the Haiku contest, and the Bad Fiction contest!
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