The Big Apple Corps

During my Philadelphia years, I happened to be around when LGBA sent some emissaries to help Philadelphia create their own gay community band.  I was one of the founding members, eventually became its conductor, and worked with them on and off until I moved to New York City.

Once in NYC, I joined the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps and worked with them on and off until, rather suddenly, I became their artistic director.  I served in that post from 1998-2005, conducting over twenty concerts.  It was the best artistic opportunity I've ever had and my growth as a person and as a musician was tremendous.

Of the many high points of that seven years, I have to feature two here:
  • Summer of 2003, the band performed with the New York City Gay Men's Chorus at Carnegie Hall in Pride for All Ages.
  • Spring of 2005, I conducted my farewell concert, Pride and Joy, a program of personally meaningful pieces and with my family in the audience.