So what is the Toast Point Page?  Short answer - it's Eric Peterson's surreal estate on the intarwebs.  In 1995, it was my experiment in developing a web page -  and it actually had a heyday.  Once I shut down the contests, well, it's been pretty static since then.  Now with a blog and with Facebook and stuff, there isn't a lot of need for personal web pages any more.
But I like having my own domain, so it might as well point to something.
And why Toast Point?  Well, back when the Wumpus and I were first dating, at some point to be cutesy, I called him "my little nacho chip".  And he responded with "my little toast point".  I thought that was hilarious and was happy to be his toast point.  Thus: www.toastpoint.com.

I'm also the proprietor of Eric Peterson Music Services.

And I blog over here now: https://toastpoint.wordpress.com/